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Polaroid by Jonah Lorsung

Polaroid by Jonah Lorsung

Stephanie A. Sunberg is a creative located in New York City and Minneapolis, Mn, who has been following her passion toward photography for nearly a decade. During Stephanie’s childhood, residing in Acapulco, Mexico, she started drawing and painting under the mentor of a Mexican artist at just age six. And, because of this early involvement with art, Stephanie’s outlook
toward life drastically changed forever.
At the age of eighteen Stephanie left Minneapolis in order to seek out a new place to call home. Despite the relentless seeking of somewhere new to call home, she would later find out that the only place she feels entirely at home is behind the camera, looking through the
viewfinder, capturing new faces and places.
More recently, Stephanie finds herself traveling across most of the world shooting editorials, weddings and street photography. As a result of being a traveling photographer,
collecting an eclectic album of photos, Stephanie is working on creating her first book of photography, in which she captures lovers from all over the world.

Stephanie is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis. Inquire about her availability:

Gallery Exhibition: April 5, 2019 - May 5, 2019

Modus Locus Gallery, 3500 Bloomington Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55407

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March // cancun, Mexico City

april // nyc

May // l.a, california

June //

july //

august //

september //

october //

November // mexico city


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A note from Stephanie:

I may be located in Minneapolis for the time being, but my feet are restless. So is my heart - dying to see more beautiful places and meet beautiful souls. Having lived a bit of a nomadic life I have finally found something that can keep me afloat as I make my way across the country, the oceans, the continents, and perhaps one day the world. For as many places I have been so fortunate to see I still can't seem to get enough. Here are some places I hope to one day visit. 

i'm offering discounted collections to any couples that would like to bring me along to document your wedding, elopement, anniversary, engagement, the shoot you've been dreaming of.

– s.a.s



- romania

- ukraine

- lithuania

- belarus

- hungary

- bulgaria

- faro islands, portugal

- scotland

- back to croatia

- back to italy

- prague, czech republic

- south of france

- australia

- new zealand

- lima, peru

- argentina

- colombia

- santiago, chile

- british columbia, canada

- greece

- norway

- malta

- sardegna